Miwawari-I will be a bitch gal to protect my best friend! ~[ADV][Japanese]

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みがわり彼女 ~私、親友を守るためにビッチなギャルになりますっ!~

Japanese | 349mb | 2021/06/25

“Eh, Sui-chan … did you have a boyfriend !?” On

that day, I received a shocking confession from my best friend Akemi Mizushiro that she had a boyfriend.
Moreover, the other party is Tatsumi Matsui, a popular and handsome guy at school.
As a shy person, I was celebrating the relationship with Sui-chan, my only friend at school, but I felt that her appearance and behavior were gradually getting worse.
Meanwhile, Tatsumi finds out that Sui-chan is trapped and is planning to become a bitch gal.

– In order to protect the precious best friend, I headed to the direct talks so as to break up the Tatsumi

“It was …… and straightforward to say Sui properly Please farewell …… Tsu …….”

You, “Huh, what are you saying I don’t know what it means suddenly, but ww You’re definitely a friend of Sui? I’ve been lonely because my best friend was robbed, so I want you to return it ww “

and the conditions presented by Tatsumi.
It was to present my body as a “replacement” instead of my best friend.

Tatsumi, who likes bitch gals, is forced to do a lot of perverted acts, and I’m forced to “change” the appearance of bitch.
Eventually, I became addicted to the depths myself, and even my heart was “reborn”.





「はぁ、何言ってんだお前? ははっ、いきなり意味わかんねーんだけどww お前って確かスイの友達だよな? 親友奪われて独りぼっちになっちゃったから、返して欲しーってとこかww」



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