TeiTei ~Tales of Tei~ [RPG][English]

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テイテイ ~テイルズ・オブ・テイ~ (RJ362203)

A young man named Tei dreamed of becoming a Hero, and his dream came true when the Goddess chose him as her champion. Hungry for his new found powers, the succubi rise... with ambition in their hearts and wetness between their legs...

Full Description

Characteristics of this Game
TeiTei ~Tales of Tei~
* Specific events triggered by virginity loss, number of times defeated, and the story route you have taken!

Enemy succubi will change their behavior depending on the player’s actions and experience.

We have, of course, implemented in-battle erotic attacks and restraining.
Enjoy the lewd fully voiced sex scenes, and the variants in all their glory!

TeiTei ~Tales of Tei~
* Erotic Parameters Implemented

Your level of sexual experience will alter how the succubi think of you!

You can also always check how many times you have had sex with each character.

TeiTei ~Tales of Tei~ 
* Comes with the Succubus Specialty. LEVEL DRAINING!

If you cum, then succubi will drain you of your abilities and levels.

Also, in some situations where you have been restrained, the succubi may be able to drain you regardless of whether you cum or not…!

You will need to take care not to allow the succubi to become TOO strong…
otherwise you may find yourself as nothing more than a mere cum tank!

TeiTei ~Tales of Tei~ 
* We have added QTE (quick time events) to add an extra level of engagement to the battles.

If you are restrained by a succubus, then successful QTE will help you escape.

Will you cum pitifully at the hands of the succubi? Or will you escape their grasp and attempt to retaliate?

The fate of Tei is in your hands…!!!

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