Game Not Work?

Frequently errors:

  • Daemon tools (needed for mounting image)
  • TO PLAY ALL JAPANESE GAMES: Installing Japanese support or Download Locale Emulator
  • Error “This Game Is Japan Only” DOWNLOAD THIS and Run game with noregion loader
  • Error with RPG games (rgss202e dll) download [RPG MAKER] depending on the version required (I recommend downloading all packages to avoid future errors with other versions)
  • Error in setup.exe “the application failed to start correctly (0xc0000006)…” Solution: run in administrator mode
  • Ateliar Kaguya Error (Baku Ane): Change your computer to display time in Japanese format; Control Panel->Clock,language,Region->Formats> Change to Japanese
  • Astronauts Comet Error: load_file : ファイルのオープンに失敗しました。file : “bg\黒.lsf”
    Solution: Download Locale Emulator ; How To Use
  • Member “kag” does not exist error: download [this] and copy on installation folder

More errors? leave a comment with your problem