Game Not Work?

Frequently errors:

  • Daemon tools (needed for mounting image)
  • TO PLAY ALL JAPANESE GAMES: Installing Japanese support or Download Locale Emulator
  • Error “This Game Is Japan Only” DOWNLOAD THIS and Run game with noregion loader
  • Error with RPG games (rgss202e dll) download [RPG MAKER] depending on the version required (I recommend downloading all packages to avoid future errors with other versions)
  • Error in setup.exe “the application failed to start correctly (0xc0000006)…” Solution: run in administrator mode
  • Ateliar Kaguya Error (Baku Ane): Change your computer to display time in Japanese format; Control Panel->Clock,language,Region->Formats> Change to Japanese
  • Astronauts Comet Error: load_file : ファイルのオープンに失敗しました。file : “bg\黒.lsf”
    Solution: Download Locale Emulator ; How To Use
  • Member “kag” does not exist error: download [this] and copy on installation folder

More errors? leave a comment with your problem


  1. nobody15623

    Ore ga Honmono no Do S ni Naru made no Hentai BBA to no Kindan Ishitsu Seiai ~Hikareau S to M! Hentai no Kaikou~ [ADV][Japanese]
    when I launch this game, an error window is launched with the message ????C:\?????\??????S???????-?????S? M!?????-\hentaibbakindanishitsuseiai.exe ?????? what should I do ?
    i really need help please

  2. Yamyam123

    Boku, Mou de chau! ~Moteasobareta Sausage~ Gif Rips [ADV][Japanese] when ı try open this game a error pops up.
    error is
    ???__? ‘ ?????????!.exe’ ????? 001A9111 ????? 00000130

    ı download all rpg maker rtp but nothing different happened.
    how can ı play this game?

  3. dedajo

    Any suggestions to make this game display Japanese language?
    I have Japanese language pack installed and have set system locale to Japanese and installed all RPG Maker version from the EN site.

  4. zinzeal

    I installed Psy-min Appli -Akumu no Netorare Game through mega file, Psyminapp Crackb.rar came with a dummy file game pdf guide in jp and 604Kb application file that crashes with compiler error and I run it

  5. gggusto

    When I run the application for Houkago Saimin Club (放課後催眠倶樂部3) the game doesn’t start, it doesn’t give an error just nothing happens as if I didn’t even start it.

  6. mick2000

    i try to play this game:
    it runs and the audio plays but the game itself runs like shit, everything load in like 1 fps no skip, like when the button appear it took them like 10 second to get in the screen or when try to hover the button it took 3 second for the hovering effect shows and then i can click it, almost unplayable
    any clue how to fix?

  7. xoyareh970

    Hey, so I downloaded, extracted and installed Zettai Junshu ☆ Kyousei Kozukuri Kyokashou!! [JAP][PC][ADV] from here.
    But when I launched the .exe from the Main Game disc its asking me for a disc key. But there is no key anywhere here in the entire RAR file. There is the crack .exe in the crack folder, but when I run the .exe from the Main Game extraction it merely extracted the initial part of the game, not the entire game itself. Sure the crack .exe is in there but because the Main Game .exe is asking me a disc key before fully extracting the files by itself I’m stuck. There’s no key in here anywhere and the crack .exe is wholly useless.

    Unless you have a definite instruction on how to install this?

  8. Kukuru97

    how do you install this game “Punimo ☆ Yell! ~Sensei, Shimasho♪~” ?
    Link :

    there are 2 disks in the zip, but i can only install disk 1 only and when finished installing, the game has no voice, disk 2 has voice files, but i can’t install it because it doesn’t have installer.exe in it, copying the voice folder to the game folder still not working, game still no voice.

  9. Django Yeltsin Medina Soto

    nojoda yo tan bien tengo un problema de este juego Sobo no Mitsu Ana ~Aisuru Mago ni Sei no Tehodoki o~ [ADV][Japanese].. voy a explicar lo instales pude jugar pero cuando lo apague y lo prendí el juego no quiso agarrar mas lo desintale pero cuando intente intentarlo otra ves sale un erro como que el juego ya esta instalado como ago para senintalarlo completamente

  10. Daniele Fughelli

    “Onii-chan wa Watashi-tachi no Omocha” freezes at 99% of setup installing. i extracted the first file downloaded and i mounted the biggest one (but not the 5 kb file, because i cant mount 2 files at the same time). then i clicked setup but, as i said, it freezes at 99%. any help?

          1. Adam

            Whenever I press the key, nothing show up or pop up at all. I am on window 10. There is none message show up or notice that leads me to the image whatsoever.

          2. Adam

            sorry for the late reply too, I was trying to finger this out but can’t seem to get it. I only press printscreen key only because there is no fn key on my Microsoft keyboard. I know that some mini keyboard has fn and I see it before but not on this wireless keyboard.

            Thank you for trying to help me by the way.

  11. Raphael Oliveira

    so , i have some problems with the password, i came here to check and you guys said that i have to type and not copy and paste, but not working , any help?

    1. Eroge Download

      It is impossible that the password is wrong because it is load automatically.

      There may be three options
      1 the file is corrupt. solution: downloading it again
      2 you do not have winrar 5x. solution: downloading it on
      3 typing error

      anyway you can tell me what game is to verify it

  12. AmhZ007

    Saikyou no Haramase Onaho Kishi-dan ~Tsuyoi Mesu wa Kyokon ni Katenai! Ero Hidoi Koto wo Shite mo Yorokobu Zettai Chuusei Ahe Harem o Kizuke!~ [Japanese] every time i run setup it says setup.ini not found .what should i do ?

  13. Gabriel Bergamo

    hi the game I downloaded Sansha Mendan ~ Rensa Suru Chijoku Choukyou no Gakuen ~ [ADV] [English] have the settings and other places in Japanese are you going to be like this?

  14. jos5

    Hola. el archivo para solucionar el problema (Member “kag” does not exist) ya no esta osea el enlace esta caido, arreglenlo porfavor, gracias
    Hello. the file to fix (Member “kag” does not exist) error is not online anymore, please reupload the file. thanks

  15. Charlie

    Sup here mod, First of all Thank you for providing us with these out of our range game here. Really appreciate it. BUt now i got a problem when installing yarasete teahcer complete, when i click the setup.exe an error showed up it says setup.ini (i dont know what to read this ) , what’s the counter measure for this? Thanks for your answer

  16. MonochromePrism

    Game: Kotowari ~Kimi no Kokoro no Koboreta Kakera~ [ADV][Japanese]

    OS: Windows 10 x64

    Error 1: …unhandled…kernel32…
    Action 1: Installed some file based on:
    Image 1:

    After doing Action 1, error 2 appears:
    Error 2: Japanese
    Actions 2:
    Put some Anti-virus exception;
    Set compatibility mode to Windows 7 and 8,
    Run as Administrator
    Image 2:

  17. Steve Anderton

    Hello dear friends. 2 Problems that came up while playing your games if I could get some help.
    Saimin Eyedrops says there is the kag member does not exist error but the download isn’t available from the site. Wondering if anyone has a copy of the kag files that I could get or if the site could upload them again.
    Chikan Senyou Sharyou and its sequal won’t start, they keep saying it is japan only and then they close. Tried the locale emulator, swapped everything formats, region and even place of residence on my pc to japan/japanese and cannot find the crack, the files i can find, which are from a rar that comes with it do not work and i don’t know what to do.

  18. Chris Poptart

    hi, i’m trying to install Soredemo Tsuma wo Aishiteiru but i have an error “64MB の必要ビデオメモリーが必要です” i have 4g of vram and win10 pro, is this a compatibility problem with OS or something else?

  19. OrchanGamer

    The game A Girl and her Dog has a major bug that if you load a save after you closed the game, the quest disapear and you cant pick them up again becouse if you speak to the quest giver, the game freezes.

  20. Sporpata

    Ateliar Kaguya games how to keep save data?

    after i closed it and reopen all save data was gone :/ did i click something wrong? the only thing i clicked was the loading menu before the game goes to the main pg. Game i lost save files is jD Onsen does it hv to do something with the time system

  21. Karma

    Hi admin,
    I downloaded Hoka no Otoko no Seieki de Harande mo Ii Desu ka…? 3.
    In the rar was a CUE file and a BIN file. The CUE file doesn’t work, how do you use BIN? There’s nothing else in there besides those two.

    Marina’s Cuckolding Report (ENG) keeps getting deleted by windows defender as well, says it has trojan with it. Any fix?

    Also, how long do “pending to buy” games usually take?

  22. Nakeru

    I cant run games: Let’s la Go! Bokura no Jiyuu Kenkyuu ; Yagai Gakushuu 3
    in the launcher when i press HDD or DVD nothing happens, so i cant install the game. Help me please :c

    1. bobjr

      This might work, if your installing a game using iso asking for a second disc assuming, detach the second iso and remount it. Or dismount first disc then mount second disc. Have fiddle with fake disc mount, install game with both isos mounted then when you get error dismount both but don’t click error message. Then mount two random iso games not related. Then mount the games first and second iso( four iso should be mounted now) and click continue install. Some times one of these work other times not as much.

    1. bobjr

      Not sure if your talking about specific Vn. But it varies, most will have voices but the cheaper and smaller production some times won’t. I would say 90-95% of vn have voice acting on here

  23. bobjr

    Hi need help with Paizuri Cheerleader VS Sakunyuu Ouendan!. The game works the only problem is that I can’t seem to save. I did all the technical stuff like LE, set region Japan, and run as administrator. I do get an error in Japanese before game starts but everything besides saving works fine. I have a hunch that if I could install game normally it world work but unfortunately the extraction doesn’t have an ISO only the game its self. If have any ideas would be much appreciated.

  24. hentai kingdom

    I have problem with two games the first is soukan yuugi 1 and 2 the first game says there is an error in jap and the second game wants an activation code can anyone help me

  25. izuruK

    Hello guys, i just downloaded “Saimin Eye Drops” and when I try to launch the .exe file, it says “Member “kag” does not exist” so I did the steps as it’s written but it still doesn’t work, is the emplacement wrong or is it some other thing ?

  26. SpoppyGuy

    Member “kag” does not exist error
    I took everything in the XP file and moved it to the root but my game still does not open.
    I’m trying to play Onegai! Dare ka Tasukete!! ~Bakunyuu JD Kyousei Benki no Natsuyasumi
    Can I get some help?

          1. Batman Lucifer

            ok now u really made me curious… o tot it was damaged file o something. but now i will install this game no matter what……..

  27. bob smith

    I get this error when I try to start playing Baku Ane
    CmdText処理が失敗しました! : メッセージ履歴(テキスト)のオープンに失敗。
    Is there any solution to it? My format is Japanese and I’ve tried a lot of things.

      1. gonzalo lisandro

        Eso seria si fuera un ISO pero no lo ees al descomprimir me salen 3 archivos:
        -Archivo CCD 1KB
        -VLC media file 1KB
        -Archivos de imagen 430.736 KB
        Intente meterlos todos a la vez con el daemon pero me dio error no se puede cargar imagen.

      1. Icon Álvarez

        Si te refieres al error del juego simplemente al abrirlo se cierra a los dos segundos;
        si te refieres a las especificaciones de mi pc son; Win 8, 64-bit, AMD E-300 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 6.0 GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics

  28. Limquila

    hello admin , just now i have done downloaded this VN >

    and when i want to start installing use setup.exe , it say it’s need DVD-ROM but there was no such a file that contain a DVD

    and i was stuck in there , a bit trouble can you find the solution ?

          1. dragonic striker

            idk if it can fix…
            but on ins. said you need to…

            on “iedegal.exe” right-click and go to Property > Security , and disable blocking

  29. tommie nguyen

    Hello, Im trying to play [Atelier Kaguya Honky-Tonk Pumpkin] JD Onsen. ~Eroero Dynamite Joshidaisei to no Onsen Seikatsu~
    But apparently I have to insert the disc. I already opened the files and the files are not Iso. anymore. Does anyone how i can open my game?

          1. ZENOMx

            if you setted your unicode to japanese, search mako 1.2 update or try alpharomdie cracker.(I tried find a update but i couldnt find it :, good luck)

  30. Headworx

    I have a problem with Classmate no Okaa.san – Immoral Teacher – . It used to work but after I had to format my pc and reinstall the game, it won’t anymore, i have unicode sert to japanese and tried locale emulator but doesn’t open, the first two or three times it gave an error window CLASS.exe has stopped working and wanted me to send the error log to Windows. Now it doesn’t open, it doesn’t do anything

  31. Kirito-kun

    help pls i cant seem to make the game work i already download the kag thing but i dont know if i needed to and i also downloaded the crack but still wont work, also change my region to JP still aint working

          1. ZENOMx

            it’s working on me :/ again install game and paste to install path this: C:GamesMangagamerSSSS – Super Secret Sexy Spy . Btw, if you using anti-virus program, turn off it.

          2. Kirito-kun

            it sletting me download the soft denshi thing… other than that i have downlaoded this game but the only files after i download is a mfs and mdf type of file… you know anything about this?

          3. ZENOMx

            Mate, i have an idea. if you didn’t install game to program files(x86), drag game folder to program files(x86) or re-install to program files(x86). Because as far as i can see you installed to library.

  32. hellfire

    tengo un problema acabo de descargar Demon Busters ~Ecchi na Ecchi na Demon Taiji~ y cuando crackeo el juego y lo inicio al elegir la opcion para comenzar a jugar se inicia el opening y cuando termina o lo quito me devuelve a menu principal y no puedo jugar como lo soluciono?
    i have a problem i just downloaded Demon Busters ~Ecchi na Ecchi na Demon Taiji~ and when i cracked the game and start it i choose the option to start playing and then the opening begins and when it ends or when i skip it. it turns me to the main menu and i cant play how i fix it?

  33. Knight Draco

    Hello. i just downloaded this game.
    [Team Tanuki] 【逆レイプアニメ】精魔サキュバスKAMI ~魔界編~
    (it won’t let the link work for some reason but I am pretty sure you searching this u on google would be enough)
    I have vuze with the Mainline plug in. I have locale emulator in torrent and ran the processor and this small menu appears titled “Legui Global” it shows location,timezone,advance options, micelanous. What do I do to run it?

      1. Knight Draco

        Hello. i just downloaded this game.
        [Team Tanuki] 【逆レイプアニメ】精魔サキュバスKAMI ~魔界編~
        (it won’t let the link work for some reason but I am pretty sure you searching this u on google would be enough)
        I have vuze with the Mainline plug in. I have locale emulator in torrent and ran the processor and this small menu appears titled “Legui Global” it shows location,timezone,advance options, micelanous. What do I do to run it?

  34. Jun Young Bae

    hi i need help with a game, i have installed the game properly and it works fine but i would really like to install the english patch to the game and since im a noob about computers i really dont know how to install the patch to the game, people have said to just copy the patch file to the file where i installed the game but nothing happens. BTW the game is Kedamono (Kazoku) tachi no Sumu Ie de ~Daikirai na Saitei Kazoku to Kanojo to no Netorare Doukyo Seikatsu~. Please help Thank you

    1. DoriSuru

      Before you try installing, you have two options. One, set your pc unicode and region to Japanese and restart your pc (you might be trouble if you have little Japanese reading skill). Two, download locale emulator and right click on every files and run in Japanese/Application mode.

      If you have parts,You need a software to extract the part#.rar file. I personally use WinRar. If you have Zip open zip with 7-Zip software. After finish, if you have ISO/MDS file, this mean that you have CD file unlike non-CD file (like “example.exe”). Exe is easy, run then crack and finish. As for ISO/MDS, you have to mount using software such as daemon tool lite, WinCDemu, etcs. After finish mounting, go to the virtual drive that you mount to, and run the setup.exe application. It just ask you where you want to direct the install file and save folder. One you done with that, go to where you file locate, put you crack software (AlphaROMdiE.exe) in the same folder. Run it, it will have three boxes you need to check. Afterward, a shortcut is create on your desktop. Done and play.

      Further, if you want a software that translate your game from JP to ENG, watch this video

  35. DoriSuru

    I need help, all the MinatoCarnival’s visual novels stop working. It used to work a while back, but not anymore.
    And if you ask about the install, apply crack, and JP unicode…I done all that before like every Japanese VN other game. I just can’t get the game from this publisher to work.
    (Extra note: I used DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced v5.2.0. 0348 before but after several window 10 updates it no longer working properly. And so I switched to WinCDemu.)

    Trying to play Anekouji Naoko to Gin’iro no Shinigami.
    If you guys encounter a solution for this. It really help. Thanks in Advance.

  36. top pervert

    Hi, I installed Sore de mo Tsuma wo Aishiteru [JAP][PC][ADV], the characters in the game are all weird like pic related.

    I have regional setting on japanese. I have several japanese games and they work fine. I’m only having issues with this one. Does anyone know how to solve it ? Thanks in advance.

    Edit: welp, problem solved. Oddly enough, unlike the other game, it needed a local emulator even though my local setting is in japanese.

    Have a nice fappy day.

          1. ZENOMx

            it’s exe -_- I asked it because if it was image file you probably wouldnt use local emulator. Anyway, just download local emulator and try open valkyria.exe with local emulator.

          1. ZENOMx

            Then you applied patch? Fuck it. I explain from the beggining. It’s basic dude. 1. Install game 2. Apply patch 3. Apply crack. Just follow this instruction.

          2. Yari Yari

            ok i have done these steps and install the game then applied patch and at last applied the crack the problem is that i dont get any response from the game after applying the crack.

  37. Ronny Kuilan

    i need some help I downloaded it and installed Furyou ni Hamerarete Jusei Suru Kyonyuu Okaa-san ~Iki Jigoku ni Ochita Kazoku no Game~ but it keeps asking for a charge id number and I downloaded the noDVD patch but I have no idea where to put it or what I’m doing to start the game please help

          1. ZENOMx

            My bad. I didn’t notice mdf files. Bro, you must open image files (mds, mdf, iso…) with daemon tools. I mean if extract with winrar like that, it will show you this pop up. I think it say on error: “please put the disc” or something like this. Winrar usually not use for image files.

  38. Ronny Kuilan

    yeah I downloaded this game Buta no Gotoki Sanzoku ni Torawarete Shojo o Ubawareru Kyonyuu Himekishi & Onna Senshi ~Zettai Chinpo nanka ni Maketari Shinai!!~ but it only has a .mdf and .mds file nothing else