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Esuemu Gakuen ~ Yuuri Toyoshima ~[ADV][Japanese]

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Japanese | 333mb | 2021/10/08

◆ Synopsis ◆
In 20XX, when the world became a completely female-dominated society, it became commonplace for men to serve the Queen as slaves.

〇 × Gakuen is a young lady's school where first-class female students attend, and the curriculum incorporates the development of strong women ... that is, the queen, and it was recommended to make slaves on campus as part of that.

On the other hand, how a man serves an excellent queen is a social status, and it was a great honor to be a slave to the students of this school.

However, the slave can only be a selected M man who passed the main examination that he passed the strict entrance examination and became a temporary admission, and then was picked up by a young lady in the school and trained for 3 days.

The true masochist, the hero, was able to successfully pass such a strict entrance examination.
Then, she was temporarily admitted, and was picked up by Yurika, a young lady with excellent grades, and was trained to pass this exam.






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