Daiakuji [Japanese]

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Type:Visual Novel / ADV
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You (Yamamoto Akuji) are finally back in Oosaka after being a prisoner of war for three years. Oosaka has changed a lot. Standing alone at the port you look forward to meeting your love Minka again. Your father was the boss of Wakame Yakuza controlling this city, so you expect a warm welcome.

However, arriving at your home everything turn`s out completely different. Kamio, Ran Ichihashi`s servant tells you that your father has been missing for a year now, that one day he left looking for someone stronger than himself. And also that UIMMI, the winner of the war set woman in leading positions everywhere in Japan. Ran, your father`s concubine has become the head of Wakame Yakuza now. You won`t have any of it, so Ran has to beat you up and throw you out.

You find yourself in an alley with a headache. Being already pissed you start getting violent, but three girls from the “Youth Service Group” (YGS) responsible for the public ordinance stop you. Since you are still weak they manage beat you up. You faint again and they drag you to their headquarters.

When you wake up Tomoko and Mirai tell you that the law has changed since Japan has lost the war. You also get to know that the “Youth Service Group” was just founded three month ago. After tricking them into an amazing love session they become your girls. Later you also make love to Aoba the leader and take over the new group. Your mission to unite Japan starts…

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