Ugoku E.C.M.4 [JAP][PC][3DCG]

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Animation: Yes
Genre:Shota, Big Tits
Plataform:Windows, XP, Vista, 7

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Not Description Yet..
  • Finnex

    It doesn’t work for me, just opens up with a white screen and nothing else

    • Onlyhgames

      do you have unicode in japanese?

      • Finnex

        No I don’t have it. I wasn’t aware I needed one. What’s the unicode?

      • Finnex

        I changed it and it still has the same issue

    • ToXiK EditZ

      yea same

  • Hafizan39 (Otaku)

    white screen…i ready do

    and not working..same white screen… :(

    • Phạch Phò

      It is because of Adobe Flash Player. You have to install the older version of it to run the application.
      P/s: If your computer is running Windows 10, this method will not work. Because the latest Adobe Flash Player is already installed through Windows 10 updates. You have to uninstall it all to build 10586.17

  • GrandTheftLoLz!c49RCKLQ!Hqau7PsUP4GH6FlrHLQ_d3b2fPJF–r4YZNrnHA8XKk
    Just sharing a fixed version for ECM 4, along with the other games.

    • idklolwat

      how do i run them? they’re in swf files and they don’t really play after another unless opening one at a time /

      • Rhoken

        Figure it out? Have the same question here

    • Rhoken

      So it works, kinda, whereas the other didn’t. However, is there a way to make it so they aren’t all separate? Opening one just opens that scene and there doesn’t seem to be an overriding file to open that is the full game in one package

  • Hanako

    Where to find the 1, 2 and 3?

  • Ziques YT

    I believe this is the artist’s Pixiv if anyone is interested…

  • SteveStifler☆

    all 4 links seems to be dead :(

  • Turtok1234

    All links lead to a dead end please reupload the game if you can please.