Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate [EN/JAP][PC][ADV]

Password: www.onlyhgames.com


Company: sprite
Year: 2012/07/06
Language: English / Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: Yes
Animation:  No
Type: Visual Novel / ADV
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama, School-Girl
Size: 3700.mb
Plataform: Windows: XP/Vista/7
MegaMediafire English Patch


Yuuki, who wants to fall in love, and Chisato, who doesn’t like chocolates. They are lifelong friends and students of the same school. They both belong to the food club with Mifuyu, their classmate. Actually, they don’t do anything everyday, just enjoying chatting… But one day, Satsuki, president candidate of the student council, promises to close the clubs that do nothing. To stop it, they decide to run against her… But who will they send out..? Yes, Yuuki is forced to run for the election… To save the club, he will just need to be the next president!

(2 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)

About The Author

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  1. Yaya

    hello there, the game works just fine for me except for the no dvd exe, I have to use the iso every time that I want to play. how can I make the no dvd exe to work? every time that I use it without the iso it asks me to insert the game disc and I click on yes but it just asks me again and again. I have windows 7 and I allways have my region unicode on japanese by the way.

    1. Onlyhgames

      first mount game with daemon tools, second install game, third (without dismounting) start game and introduced serial “Q6ZL-HRH8-PZJF-Q2RE”, fourth copy start.exe on installation folder.

  2. -ΚЦПムレ乇メ

    The game doesnt work i opened it with the applocale and needs the cd rom,atleast put a guide of how to install the game,pls,be professionals,3 gb`s of hard disk for nothing,good job c:

          1. Onlyhgames

            start again, first mount game with daemon tools, second install game, third (without dismounting) start game and introduced serial “Q6ZL-HRH8-PZJF-Q2RE”, fourth copy start.exe on installation folder.

          2. Megamorphosis

            I can’t seem to get it to work. After I install I can’t start the game. If i use the .exe with Japanese characters a box it just ?’s pop up with the option to hit ok or cancel. If I hit ok it takes me to abobe’s shockwave page for some reason. Running the .exe with apploc does nothing either. I tried all of this with the image still mounted.

            Next I tried extracting the ksc_updater and NoDVD rars into my installation folder. Unfortunately when I click start.exe nothing happens. I do have AVG antivirus and I heard that antivurises can interfere so I’ve tried both disabling it and making exceptions for the installation folder but nothing worked.

            I’m not sure what to do. I’m running windows 10 and I’ve tried running all .exes in windows 7 compatibility mode but to no avail. I’ve tried both iso and non-iso versions of the vn and neither has worked. It seems ultimately start.exe does nothing no matter what I try :(

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