Yankee na Kanojo ga Daikirai na Akuyuu ni Niku Onaho Atsukaisarete Mazobuta ni Naru Hanashi ~Chikushou! Hoka no Otoko Nante Iya na no ni Ikisugite Okashikunacchimauu!!~ [ADV][Japanese]

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ヤンキーな彼女が大嫌いな悪友に肉オナホ扱いされてマゾ豚になる話 ~チクショウ!他の男なんてイヤなのにイキすぎておかしくなっちまうっ!!~

Type:Visual Novel / ADV
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A pure-minded and hardboiled delinquent girlfriend corrupts in NTR (cuckoldry) discipline!!
It’s supposed to be married in happiness after graduation but…
She slides into days of d*ck-soaked days of discipline behind her boyfriend’s back!!

You have got in a relationship with a delinquent schoolgirl Arisa Fujimori who
classmates afraid of because of her hard-faced appearance.
You and she went on dates and passed happy school life together.
However, a bad friend of you who has target Arisa comes to her side…
And Arisa has got to be r*ped repeatedly in order to protect you.

* Only boyfriend doesn’t know it. Treated like a faphole in violation & discipline.
Plenty of NTR situations where she gets pleased despite rage against him!!

– stealing r*pe though she wanted to devote her virginity to BF
– humiliating swine play discipline
– orgasmic teasing in Tokkoufuku (iconic costume of Japanese delinquents)
– creampie discipline while she kneels down naked!
– double penetration gangbang in a back alley!
– NTR fertilization on her unsafe day before BF!
– pregnant femswine delinquent’s statement of breakup!

* The heroine is a pure-minded and hardboiled delinquent girlfriend.

She has pure and benevolent personality in heart despite anti-social looking.
Her girly true colors and hobbies are very cute!

* Impassioned voice acting gives excitement to this NTR story!
The voice actress’ performance nicely illustrates her two-sided personality
that has both wildness and tenderness. Also her hot voice acting in H scenes
greatly livens up the story with both words of defiance and gaping moans.

As Arisa Fujimori… CV: Mako Ayane

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