Virtuous ~ kōketsu to in’yoku no hazama de odoru shōjo ~(ADV)(Japanese)

Virtuous ~高潔と淫欲の狭間で踊る少女~

Japanese | 904mb | 2021/12/28

~ Foreword ~ ​​(Please be sure to read it)

・ This product is made by RPG Maker MV, and we strongly recommend checking the operation with the trial version.
・ There are 6 types of endings
・ You can select to open all events after reaching one of the endings.
・ In the trial version, you can play until after viewing a specific event.
・ You can move to the loading screen with the W key while an event is occurring.
-Temporarily erase the message window by entering the Q key, and cancel the temporary erasure by re-entering.
・ Mouse operation is required in the recollection room
・ After reaching the ending, it is strong and a new game is possible.
・ The shop also has items that are fully open to the event.
・ There is a little Ryona expression



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