Terrible Laboratory [RPG][English]

Password: www.onlyhgames.com


Company: aburasobabiyori
Year: 2018/08/31
Language: English
Censorship: Yes
Voice: No
Animation: No
Type: RPG
Size: 396 mb
Plataform: Windows
Password: www.onlyhgames.com
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* Overview
In this game, a pretty and talented scientist girl earns money in erotic jobs
in order to protect her research institute through competing company’s
interruptions which are often humiliating for her.
Sexual harassment, exhibitionism, sex in public, online broadcasting etc etc.,
a wide range of relentless humiliating mishaps are waiting to befall the heroine.

* Synopsis
A pretty and talented scientist girl Dr. Konica Yaegaki is one of the most renowned
inventors in the world. In her recent project, she had developed a brand-new robot
utilizing technical breakthroughs in her own research institute, but the development
ceased inevitably because of a research assistant’s betrayal. Even worse, many
other research assistants have been headhunted by a competing company.
In order to fix the brand-new robot and protect her research institute,
Konica makes every effort to raise funds.

* Example Situations
– While collecting scrap metals in a mountain, she runs out of energy and falls unconscious.
Having her panties stolen by a hiker while sleeping, Konica returns to her lab without panties…

– A spa has recently been built near an academy Konica works at.
She soaks in a bathtub to relax, but in fact, the spa is a men’s paradise
when there are a number of spy cameras and peeping holes!

– Most sexual harassment and humiliation that Konica undergoes happen
in the town or before people’s eyes. So witnesses and passers-by take,
of course, photos using smartphones in their hands. Maybe some
ill-natured ones upload such photos on SNS……?

– Konica is harshly violated and the reel is spread all over the world.
Despite her motivation to rise again, since she has descended into the bottom
of the social system, only miserable jobs are available for her…

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