Ta~ppuri Ijitte Ageru ~Chiisaku Natte Cool Beauty na Kikyou Onee-chan ni Shiborare Tsukusu Itazura Kozukuri~ [Japanese]

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たっ~ぷり弄ってあげる♪ ~小さくなってクールビューティーな桔梗お姉ちゃんに搾られ尽くすイタズラ子作り~

Type:Visual Novel / ADV
Genre:Shota, Ahegao, Incest, Pregnant
Mega Mediafire G-Drive (1 link)


His three lovely neighbors were like big sisters.
He longed to embrace them but couldn’t say it, so the eldest slipped him a drug to relax.
The drug unexpectedly shrunk him from man to boy-size. Now he’s cuter than ever!
Which of the sister should look after the reduced protagonist? He chooses gentle,
buxom Kasumi, and his sweet babymaking life begins!

The cool beautiful middle sister of the three, Kasumi lovingly takes care of
you until the drug wears off. More than a sister she dotes on you like a mother!
But mama’s horny, and now’s the time to live out a boyhood fantasy. Fill her deep with man-sized c*ck!
She may be cool on the outside but she’s warm, wet and sweet on the inside…

Soon you’ll be a boy no more… until then let responsibility be damned!
Cream her wanton hole with daddy juice!! Make the family that will keep these
hot, hot, hot sisters in your life forever!

– Kasumi’s all roles in one: friend, neighbor, sister, mother and lover
– Experience her many gifts, from vigorous jackoff and breast play to her tongue up your ass!
– Keep on humping through the pregnancy… There’s no trimester limit to love life!

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4 Juli, 2017 3:32

game works for me. But had no idea that this was divide into 3 separate games, a little disappointing. Any chance you could upload other 2 since I expect they will only be as big as this one.

Master Dante
Master Dante
22 April, 2017 2:54

comment image comment image

onlyhgames.com Eroge Download
Reply to  Master Dante
22 April, 2017 3:15

set your unicode in japanese or use locale emulator, visit “game not work” section in menu

19 Juli, 2016 11:22

I’m sorry but it didn’t work, I already change the system locale but this happen, can you help me please?

Reply to  yuyu
19 Juli, 2016 11:45

change name folder for “asd”

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