Bad Manners – New Version 0.80 [ADV][English]

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Bad Manners – Version 0.80

Type:Visual Novel / ADV
Mega Mediafire

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After the unsuccessful attempt to usurp the throne, the disgraced Prince Hans Westergaard gets a sudden offer to become the principle of the Imperial College of Proper Ladies. The mysterious benefactor who made the offer promises its powerful patronage, and maybe even the throne, if Hans can change the proper ladies into… ordinary sluts. First hesitant, Hans zealously accepts the offer when he learns that the sister-princesses who ruined his plans will also be attending the College! But everything isn’t as simple as it seems…
Do you really think the Prince Hans story (Disney’s “Frozen” movie) is over? Certainly not!
You will be able to see the continuation of the story in “Bad Manners” game.
It is absolutely incredible, but completely true story how an ordinary young prince, has fallen from grace for his progressive views, fighting again for a place in the sun. He determines to use any chanse for that. For example, a chance to prove himself in special (very special!) education for girls. Will he be able to use a thing that is so exciting for women (we mean man’s mind, of course) to defeat all enemies and finally get the throne?

We release BM part II ver. 0.80 BETA!
List of changes in comparison with the previous version available to Patrons (0.77) is below:
ATTENTION! Spoilers alert!
New Chapter (12000 words)
3 endings
Search a whore for Baron
Hans announces which girl he likes best
Dorothy starts to do THAT under a blanket
Fun Room is opening! My God, it’s not just some peasant women here…
A girl in Hans’ bed. Elsa doesn’t mind. How is that possible?!
Anna, Hans and vodka. Hmm, I’m afraid even to imagine the development of the plot…
Martha-trained girls and a new party. Yeah, the party is very different from the previous ones

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