Adventure World -Alisa the Swordsman- [RPG][English]

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The northeast of Alstro is known as the Adventure World.
Adventurers come here to chase their dreams.
And our heroine is one of them.


It’s a free world in this game.
You could have your own quest, slay monsters, collect weapons, act as a general adventure.
You could also do bad things like looting, prostitution, kidnap…
The game won’t end when you’re defeated.
But you lose Morals after bad things happen.
And the life as an adventure ends up if Morals is 0.
There’s dress system and your cloths may be broken during a battle.

You can make a team with NPCs.
H-Events are connected with your teammate sometimes.
You can do bad things to your teammate too.

It’s basically an ARPG.
You get different skills by your sword.
Teammate can offer you various tactics.
You must try to seize the timing, sometimes interrupt your enemies.
It could be easy or hard depending on you.

Besides defeats and dress breakage, there is some sex slave play.
You could also see another interesting scene about a village girl and nun.
20 base CGs
61 total CGs
21 H-Scene
Collecting all H-Scenes may take you about an hour.
Clearing all dungeons and quest would take you about 3 hours.

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