Sensual Realms – New Version 0.4[RPG][English]

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Sensual Realms – New Version 0.4

Company:Sexyverse Games
Mega Mediafire

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You are (male) hero chose by god to quest to free deviant women.

New Content:
-Added new dungeon with new enemies and a new recruitable party member.
-Added house and maid character you can buy.
-Added Granilia conversation options.
-Added items in the shop that can add some bonus stats to a character.
-Added items in the shop that can allow a character to learn new skills.
Bug Fixes:
-Fixed tooltips being somewhat cutoff if placed near the top of the screen.
-State icons are now immediately applied rather than there being a delay.
-Sensual Healing X now no longer repeats.
-The Sore state now properly nullifies healing.
-Fixed incorrect prices for some items.
-Jelene and Fura now have additional conversation dialog options.
-Added a line for Fura in the Levaya intro telling you to go to throne room.
-Affection items now cost double.
-Now must go to Throne Room to talk to Jelene.
-Added keyboard control for map.
-Removed “Always Dash” from the options as it is unused.
-Conversation options adjusted so that romance options stay separate from normal options.
-Improved the transition back to the regular conversation options from certain romance images.
-Successfully stealing from an enemy also steals bonus gold.
-Certain enemies have had their steal items changed so that there is a chance to steal a certain character gift from them.
-Werewolf Paladin has a 75% chance of a stealable Fura gift.
-Vampire Seductress has a 75% chance of a stealable Jelene gift.
-Reduced max SP for all party members by 15%.
-Dungeon enemies now have their levels increased after the dungeon boss is defeated.
-Enemy levels are now shown when targeting.
-Added a sound when using items.
-Updated the title screen with a different look.
-Granilia as a boss has her weakness changed.
-Certain items had their descriptions changed to remove unnecessary info (ie. gifts no longer show battle info).
-Increased the resistance of Temperate Armor.
-Added “!” occassionally on map icons to help the player go where they need to go to progress.
-Added categories to the shop menu