Unclear Indecisive boy’s bad luck and happiness[ADV][Japanese]

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Unclear 優柔不断少年の不運と幸福

Japanese | 90mb | 2021/08/29

An indecisive boy struggles with two girls and has sex!
~ Preamble ~ (Please be sure to read it)
・ This product is made by RPG Maker MV, so we recommend checking the operation with the trial version.
・ Screen resolution is 1280 x 720
・ I think you can reach the ending in about 1 to 2 hours.
・ The event will be fully released after reaching one of the endings
・ In the trial version, you can play until 8 days have passed.
-You can move to the loading screen with the A key while an event is occurring.
-Temporarily delete the message window by pressing the Q key, and cancel the temporary deletion by re-entering.
・ Basically, you can play with only the mouse.
・ Key input is required during mini games, please refer to the introductory video

優柔不断な少年が2人の少女相手に奮闘セックス! エッチ三昧×恋愛ADV!


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