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Eternal Fantasy [JAP][PC][RPG]

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Tittle: Eternal Fantasy
Company: Circus
Year: 2007/11/22
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: Yes
Animation:  No
Type: RPG, TBS
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Size: 3800.mb
Plataform: Windows: XP/Vista/7
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One day, Caro, a vigilante, meets Arcie, a girl, being attacked by some criminals. He saved her, and they became friends. On the same night, they went to the central park for the succession ceremony. But, a white monster similar to dragon suddenly appeared in front of them, and it attacked people gathered there. Caro and Arcie tried to save a little girl who was dangerously close to that creature. But they quickly realized that this dragon is too strong for them. However, a little girl gave Caro a holy sword from her own body. With this sword he managed to beat a white monster. But, they were forced to leave the town since people misunderstood they killed the princess, who was supposed to appear near the place of battle. They set out on a journey, and four more girls will join them along the way. Sometimes smiling, sometimes fighting, sometimes encouraging… What awaits them at the end of their dangerous journey?