Overgrown Genesis – New Version 0.09.3[RPG][English]

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Overgrown Genesis – New Version 0.09.3

Company:Dystopian Project
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You take the role of Juno, a survivor of the apocalypse and a trained engineer (a shout-out to Isaac from Dead Space), trying to navigate between a failing human society cloistered in fortified sanctuaries and an outside world ravaged by the infection. ​

0.09.3 PATCH:
Door to the “shotgun room” in the subway still requires x11 Strength, but due to removed attributes it is impossible to obtain. Fixed.
Permanent Cigarettes pickup added to the Subway Tunnels for David’s tradeoff
Computer still registers INT in the first subway room. Fixed.
x1 missing CG variation in the Walker Gameover has been added in.
The wait is over! It’s time for the patron release of Overgrown: Genesis 0.09! This is a fairly big update for O:G, with the addition of x5 CGs, two new stages, and revisions made to previous stages, as well as various system overhauls.

New level – the Jamesway Bridge. First mission out of Fort Patton. Revisits all previous enemies in one go, and will be used for the Reptile swarm and unlocks in the future.
New level – the Central Business District (CBD). Second mission out of Fort Patton. Re-visitable (ie. you can go back to Fort Patton and then come back to the CBD at any time).
New enemy type – Hiveminds and Hivelings/”Grunts”. A step-up from the infected, these new “mutant” enemies require some thinking to defeat. Hivelings are immortal and will continually respawn no matter how many times they’re killed. The only way to permanently defeat them is to destroy their Hivemind.
New scene, the Hiveling/Grunt attack (+CG set).
New scene, the Hiveling/Grunt gameover (+CG set).
New encounter type – Captives. Ever wonder what happened to the women that the infected successfully capture? … Captives are the breeding cattle of Hiveminds, hapless women who are bound up, and then impregnated and forced to spawn Hivelings, again, and again, and again. There are two variations – “normal” Captives, who can be rescued using Bleach to dissolve their bonds, and “doomed” Captives, who can only be granted the mercy of a swift death.
The subway system has been expanded, and made double the size.
New scene (+CG set) with an insane survivor, David, used to work in the subway and whose computer you encounter first when you enter the level.
New swarm ending (+CG set) for the Crawlers, in the subway’s “shotgun room”; triggers if you didn’t read up on the warning via Leslie’s computer’s emails and trip through the loose floorboards.
New swarm ending (+CG set) for the Runners, in the Police HQ located in Dangerzone East, in a new “evidence locker” room; triggers if you didn’t divert the Runners inside via the alarm.
Fort Patton maps added, including the compound exterior when exiting the Civilian Shelter, as well as the new Military HQ and Armoury.
Numerous new sprites and portraits for the new military cast.
New tiles introduced for the military setting.
Stat boosting items, as well as stats/attributes in general, have been removed from the game.
Reaching “checkpoints” now only increases Morale, rather than having you pick between Hunger or Morale, and also removes the attribute aspect.
New “Base Points” mechanic introduced.
New major characters, General Hawke and Quartermaster Taylor. General Hawke is the quest-giver for Fort Patton, while Quartermaster Taylor is your go-to merchant, allowing you to sell food items for Base Points, and purchase various items and upgrades for trade goods.
Cheats now available from the Menu.
Gallery now available from the Menu. First unlock (the test animation) is free. Second unlock is after you finish the Prologue (Billy and Gavin scenes). Third unlock after you enter the subway (All three Walker scenes). Fourth unlock after you finish the subway stage (All three Crawler scenes + subway survivor scene). The unlocks for the Hounds, Runners, and Reptiles will follow in later updates; tentatively, for Cold Pines, Dangerzone, and Jamesway Bridge.
Broken pathing for computer tables and computer terminals fixed.
Black area underneath the office building in Hamilton fixed (pathing issue).
Inaccessible sparkles around Dangerzone fixed.
Rifle Packs don’t give ammo, only more Rifle Packs; fixed.
Item categories are broken for now due to a faulty RMMV update.
Using the Gallery allows you to “quick escape” from any situation due to the enemy locations being reset.