Muteki no Haramase Onaho Himekishi-dan ~Kukkoro Mesu ga Cheat Skill de Soku Ochi♪ Ero Koku Hame de Ahe Chuusei o Tsukusareru Royal Harem Jou Seikatsu~ [Japanese]


無敵の孕ませオナホ姫騎士団 ~くっころメスがチートスキルで即堕ち♪エロ酷ハメでアヘ忠誠を尽くされるロイヤルハーレム城性活~

Company: Miel
Year: 2017-03-31
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: Yes
Animation: No
Type: Visual Novel / ADV
Size: 547.MB
Plataform: Windows
Mega Mediafire

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You thought you would end your life as a slave to society…
being run into the ground at a black company that treats its employees as expendable drones… But you have been spared!

You are summoned to a another world… as a Villager!?
Not to worry, even as a villager you have special cheat skills!

Become the ultimate Knightess hunting MURABITO!

These strong noble woman stand no chance before you.
Use them as living flesh holes to satisfy your sexual desires!

Make the most of your fortune lucky one!

[From DLsite English]

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