Hospital of the Dead [Action][English]

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Company: Black stain
Year: 2016/09/26
Language: English
Censorship: Yes
Voice: Yes
Animation: Yes
Type: Action
Size: 532.MB
Plataform: Windows
Mega Mediafire

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Sling surgical blades and crack zombie skulls with a bat in this awesome survival-escape 2D action game.

Use the direction keys on your keyboard to move, jump and crouch.
Press the Z key to throw a scalpel, press X for a bat attack, press S to revive,
and press the Space bar to access the menu and buy skills with blood.

If you run out of strength and are touched by an enemy an H scene will play.

Each H scene is viewable in bonus large screen.

* Story

“Aoi” woke up in a zombie-filled hospital.
For all she knows she’s the only one alive… so she picks up a scalpel
and takes to the hallways of hell, to escape.

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