Hora, Sonna ni Koe o Morasu to Kareshi ni Barechamauze? ~Eroge Sekai de Mob no Shoujo o Netotte Mita~ [Japanese]

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ほら、そんなに声を漏らすと彼氏にバレちまうぜ? ~エロゲ世界でモブの少女を寝取ってみた~

Type:Visual Novel / ADV
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[What a shit game!]
Just played moe system school love affair eroge. In creative work and resentment it is not relieved for terrible handling of sub heroine Mitamura Ayaka that was a chance to purchase this game.

The treatment is light though the character introduction of the site and the magazine and there was a standing picture, though the bad feeling was done because there was no sample cg… At all, “It is rejected to Protagonist and commits suicide.” it is likely not to develop very much!


It leaves the desk with the personal computer while exhausted and falls down on a bed. However, it doesn’t understand. That plain type so-called library girl, there is a deep-rooted popularity. If i’m a Protagonist, i will choose Ayaka over the main heroine of this game.

[Aaa, i want to steall a lover, tee]

What suddenly dizziness.
…That? Wait a second. Here, where? It is obviously different from my room. Surely “I entered among the erotic game” very much, like the light novel of the parallel world thing that becomes popular recently…

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