A game in which school girls simply enjoy exposure … and then[RPG][Japanese]

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Company: BABYLON
Year: 22/01/2021
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: No
Animation: No
Type: All,RPG,
Size: 440mb
Plataform: Windows

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High school girl exposure game? It is a game where school girls purchase options such as naughty underwear and rotors and expose them, but after enjoying exposure etc. you can enjoy a slightly different gameA neat girl who seems not to be exposed at first glance Secretly to anyone I'm thrilled to try to expose and do embarrassing acts! High school girls devise something very embarrassing and carry out exposure play etc. Depending on the difficulty level played You will be able to earn money and perform even higher levels of shame(example of exposure play) Walk in underwear ... Walk in upper body brassiere / Walk in lower body underwear / Walk naked Maniac settings such as going to school with a uniform cut out of the boobs and genitals are also possible(example of embarrassing walk) Walking with the rotor in the underwear Walking while inserting the vibe ... Wearing toy-type horny equipment Take a thrilling walk(last if you get caught! Example of shameful death) Pee in the bushes of the park Pee in a paper cup during class Naked masturbation in the movie theater ... If you get caught without an escape route, your life will end A lot of play(example of fornication with everyone) Upload masturbation scene to SNS Upload M-shaped open leg photo to SNS Photo session and blowjob tournament with an unspecified number of camera boys in the park at night … It's a self-defeating play that has already gone beyond shame and exposure. ( Sex toy store) A store where you can buy and sell vibes, rotors, and underwear. Purchase tools and underwear for play. You can also sell  used vibes and rotors after exposure ○ Let's sell wet underwear and used vibes with excitement and make money!(Guardian counter) You can fight monsters Shops that sell sex toys ○ How to use sex toys ...----------------------------------- -------------------------------------- << After enjoying plenty of exposure and shame More fun >> Entering the main subject of this game? Exposure and embarrassing play was the beginning of the game ?! Thedevil attack that can fight for the first time with the feeling of enduring embarrassment as a weapon. When everything is ready, the Incubus War is about to begin !!(Please enjoy it as an extra element different from the main story)