Maggot Baits [Japanese]

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マゴット ベイツ

Company:Clock Up
Type:Visual Novel / ADV
Genre:Fantasy, Torture, Gore, Hardcore, Bondage, Futanari, Ahegao, Guro, Catgirl, School-Girl, Tentacles, Pregnant, Orgy, Witch , Horror
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Jahougai, the Heretical City—

Several years ago, in the city at the heart of Kanto once known as Kajou, a connection formed between this world and an Abyss from whence a vortex of chaotic power swept across the land, unleashing rampant supernatural phenomena and turning the city into a pandemonium.

Faced with the appearance of immortal Witches shrouded in mystery, the government decreed the complete isolation of the city, declared it an abandoned territory, and erased it from official maps.

For a while, the place once known as Kajou seemed destined to remain a ghost town, but soon it became a den of criminals and clandestine migrants, a refuge for those seeking asylum from their crushing debts and misery outside society, and a hunting ground for those who feed on misery, such as prostitutes, yakuza, and traffickers.

After a few years which saw its population grow to 150,000, the unrecognized extraterritorial city had become Jahougai, the Heretical City. There, the meeting of a man and a Witch marks the beginning of this story.

In this wicked city where no law holds and danger reigns unfolds the cruel fate of a man and a Witch.

[From Clock Up Website,Translated by Garlstadt]