Love Love Sisters ~Hanayome & Shimai-tachi to no Doki Doki Harem Seikatsu~ [ADV][Japanese]

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らぶらぶシスターズ ~花嫁&姉妹達とのドキドキハーレム生活~

Company:Pajamas EX
Type:Visual Novel / ADV
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Kisara is an extremely talented girl genius who was entrusted with running the historic and famous Kanari Gakuen by her great-grandmother and actually succeeded in doing so. The hardworking Hitoma was not timid around her and worked as her right-hand man. She ultimately confessed to him and they married shortly thereafter.

However, it seems the overly perfect Kisara has a weak point: she tries too hard at everything. One month after their marriage, she tried out a retro game to take a breather after working hard every day even while being newly-wed and after a couple days, she became a complete NEET. Moreover, she doted completely on Hitoma after never having done so before. It felt like it would get to a point where she wouldn’t move unless it was to have sex. But who will manage the school now? He decided to work even harder for her sake.

But that wasn’t the last of his problems. They lived together in the girls’ dormitory, where all of Kisara’s sisters also live. They all have feelings for him, but he was too slow to notice them…