Lost in a Men’s Bathhouse & Underwear Model for Girls [Simulation][English]

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孕ませロリ~「男湯で迷子」編&「少女用下着モデル」編~大人の変態ゲーム | (RJ378530)

English | 54mb | 08/03/2022

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(1) “Impregnation Loli|Forcibly impregnate a lost girl in a men’s bath! ~Mini game for masturbation (RJ317252)

Making a baby for a slippery girl lost in a men’s bathhouse! For those who love Lolita’s voluptuous belly pregnancy!

Tiny nipples and slippery girl’s pussy!
A cute girl with a cute, flabby nipple and a smooth vagina got lost with her mom and ended up in a men’s bathhouse!

(2) “Impregnation Loli|Sexually Harassed Pregnancy Audition for Girl Underwear Model! ~Mini-game for masturbation (RJ330306)

Sexually harassing girls as you wish! A perverted game in which you get a cute girl, an underwear model, pregnant!

A girl comes to audition for a lingerie model.
But something is wrong…?

With a pair of freshly removed and stained panties in hand
To sexually harassing auditions!

This is…
Maternity underwear model audition?

The adults’ desire is to make a cute little girl
I was going to turn her into a pregnant woman…!

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23 junio, 2022 9:15

No story, art is unremarkable, voice acting is unremarkable, no real gameplay.

Not a lot going for this game.

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