Kimi to Yumemishi [Japanese]



Company: Laplacian
Year: 2016/07/29
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: Yes
Animation: No
Type: Visual Novel / ADV
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Footjob, School-Girl, Big Tits
Size: 5098.mb
Plataform: Windows
Mega Mediafire Torrent


Ever since an accident when he was a child, Kimito has been able to peep into the dreams of others. While his ability enabled him to see a person’s true self, he often became entangled in their nightmares as well. Gradually, he came to unconsciously avoid being too close with others.

Instead of helping others, he would rather pass his time peeping into girls’ unladylike dreams. He targeted the comprehensive school Shuuei Gakuen, which included a large hospital and an university. Not only would there be girls around his age, but he could also snoop in the dreams of sexually-frustrated nurses!

However, there he met four girls with wishes that they couldn’t tell others due to varying circumstances. He decided to enrol in the school to truly understand them. Before he knew it, he fell in love with one of them. For the first time, he felt a strong desire to help someone else.

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3 September, 2016 12:16 am

Can’t seem to get text showing on this one. The locale emulator doesn’t work either.. the screen freezes as soon as in game text starts to show up

Reply to  yipspy
11 September, 2016 1:58 am

download Ntlea (first google link), and use the settings in the picture (font settings don’t matter).

Reply to  Zephirum
17 September, 2016 1:52 am

Thank you it worked! Do I have to open through Ntleas and set AppPath each time or is there a better way?

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