Hoka no Otoko no Seieki de Harumu Toki 1 & After Story [ADV][English]

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My wife always longed for a child, but I can't give her that. The problem lies in my body - infertile seed. I'm desperate with no options left...What if I ask my brother for a favor?

Full Description

(Google Translation) A wife who is poured into her younger brother’s offspring there, one sliding door away!

The main character, Hideaki Sato, is a young owner of a venerable house in a certain countryside.
He has regular child-rearing with his beloved wife, Emi, but he doesn’t get pregnant as expected.
That should be it. Hideaki’s semen had no sperm.
He is the owner of a well-known family that has been around since ancient times, and he cannot help but have children. And his wife, Emi, also wants a child …
After suffering, Hideaki makes a request to his younger brother, Hidema.
…… It was that he wanted his beloved wife, Emi, to become pregnant.

Hidema embraces Emi while being confused.
Emi feels that she shouldn’t do it, but forgets about Hidema’s technique.
The lustrous voice of her beloved wife echoes throughout the house.
Hideaki keeps waiting in the room next to him for the seeding to finish.
Until that moment his beloved wife is conceived with the semen of her younger brother …

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