Heartful Maman [Japanese]

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Company:Alice Soft
Type:Visual Novel / ADV
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Kinosaki Mao lost his mother since middle school, and living with just his father Hajime.
But his father too, suddenly left him at the same time he’s enrolled in university.
Leaving only a note that told Mao to not worry about him.

Then 4 years passed, near the end of Mao’s graduation, He’s still not able to get over his mother’s death, and developed Gynophobia disorder as a result.

And then one day.
His father Hajime came back home bringing his new wife.
His new wife Arima Shiori, even more than her beauty, her character too is impeccable, she was an ideal mother indeed.
Bewildered Mao, began to live a sudden life together with a new mother.
Shiori is wrapping Mao with her cheerfulness and kindness.

While coming in contact with her, Mao is gradually attracted to her as a woman rather than as a mother.
The action Shiori takes after becoming aware of that, is……

[Translated from Getchu description]

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Dan Unharmable
Dan Unharmable

any English translation?

Fadli Kusuma
Fadli Kusuma

is there any walkthrough about this game?

Raffro Singh
Raffro Singh
Reply to  Fadli Kusuma

I know i am asking 7 months later but did u get the walkthrough?

Reply to  Raffro Singh
Dan The Bat
Dan The Bat
Reply to  Raffro Singh

search it with japanese kanji title in query you’ll find it eventually
just one more thing is there animated ero scenes in the game ?

Raffro Singh
Raffro Singh
Reply to  Dan The Bat


Edder Francisco Gabriel Vargas
Edder Francisco Gabriel Vargas

Iba a solo dar las gracias, pero yo en lo personal creo que un simple gracias no sirve de nada así que quiero donar algo de dinero así que me me gustaría saber como puedo hacerlo.
La razón es porque realmente he disfrutado de muchos juegos que aquí han subido mil gracias.
Soy de México.

www.onlyhgames.com \(○^ω^○)/

Que tal Edder, Gracias a tí por valorar el esfuerzo que le ponemos a la web dia a dia.
Para donar se puede hacer a través de Bitcoin a la dirección que muestra arriba a la derecha o por Paypal o Payza contactándote conmigo a jm99231@gmail.com.

Superando la donación de $1 usd te entregamos una cuenta por un mes para descargar los ultimos juegos sin acortadores.


Loxyz rtz
Loxyz rtz

Gracias por haberlo subido :3


Gracias por el juego

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