Escape From A Ruined Hospital with a Girl Who Lost Emotion [ACT][Japanese]



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* Story
When I woke up, I found myself in a hospital.
Why I’m in such place… I don’t remember anything.
I shrike when I find an arm which is Skeletonized.
… No, it’s just a normal arm. My head aches, I feel like
something important is missing from my memory…
Ah, I have to search… I have to search and find her…
… Who’s she? But I have to find her anyway…
I open a door of a sickroom… After overwhelmed by intense light,
there appears a hospital turned into a ruined building…
I have no idea what is going on… But I have to find her.
She’s only… Escape from her… The only hope.
I… I should protect her… Guess I’ll soon find her
in a sickroom over that corner…

* System
A Monster r*pe x 3D Side-Scrolling Action game.

This is an action game where the protagonist who lost his memory
tries to escape from the mysterious ruined hospital while
protecting a girl who lost emotion. A variety of monsters
lurk in the ruined hospital. The girl will be victimized if caught
so his way to the escape should be along with strategies
to avoid monsters, like sneaking, runaway and…

In rest areas he can touch the girl. Since the girl lost emotion
due to her despair in this ruined hospital she accepts the protagonist’s
conducts without any resistance. She may gradually regain emotion
if he wins the trust of hers through story progression and a number of deeds.

* Monsters assault the girl
– Mentally ill patients
Living zombies. Before their death they were patients in this hospital.
Wandering around the hospital in slow motion.

– Nurses
Medical staffs worked at the mental hospital before their death.
R*pe the girl in lesbian plays when capture her.

– Psychiatrists
Ghosts of psychiatrists. Had conducted fearful human experiments
on patients before their death. Wear only surgeon’s coats and have
surgery tools like torture tools. R*pe the girl with aphrodisiac when capture her.

– Experimental Subjects – Straitjacket
Victims of the psychiatrists’ inhumane experiments.

– Experimental Subjects – Dog
Chimeras consist of lower half of dog and upper half oh human. Run very quickly.

– Experimental Subjects – Joint Type
Seem like two humans are connected as top and bottom.
R*pe the girl’s mouth and genital as the same time if she was caught.

– Experimental Subjects – Long Tongue
Ones whose tongues were made abnormally long.
Insert long tongue into the girl’s mouth during r*pe.

– Experimental Subjects – Obese Type
Seem like unbalanced dolls doe to their extraordinarily enlarged heads and trunks.
Draw near to the girl unlike their appearance.

– Experimental Subjects – Giant
Giants made of cutout of three humans.

– Experimental Subjects – Wall
Wall made of flesh with a huge mouth.
Extend tentacle-like arms to assault victims.

* Character Introduction
– Protagonist

Woke up in a totally white sickroom all of a sudden.
Confused of the situation he was put, but later takes
action to escape from the ruined hospital with a girl.
Chicken-hearted in nature but the girl’s presence makes him bluff.

Suspects that the girl is a ghost when sees a stuffed carcass looks like her.

– Girl (Saya) CV: Ryou Suzuki
A girl who the protagonist knows only existence of for some reason.
Tries to search for the escape from the hospital together with him.
Rarely talks to him and hard to communicate with from his standpoint.
She shows much less response and resistance against his H deeds.
Lost her hope to live but comes to regain the thirst for emotion and life after meeting him.

* Staff

Scenario: Banya Izumi
CV: Ryou Suzuki

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Wahyuni Abdi Pertiwi
Wahyuni Abdi Pertiwi

i stuck in first room after pushing a sofa. it keep walking yet no progress or event. whats going on ?

Aryan Toha Aquila
Aryan Toha Aquila

look for walkthrough at youtube. too lazy to find the link but i found there’s one that show the whole walkthrough.

Fernandez Juarez Guzman Guille
Fernandez Juarez Guzman Guille

because the best games are in Japanese?, it’s very sad for me ;_;

Aryan Toha Aquila
Aryan Toha Aquila

not so sad compared to not being able to learn japanese through a lifetime of exposure to said language. Basic hiragana and katakana are baby steps. learning kanji is brain power level test. surely we all can learn from anime, internet and everywhere.


Well learning isn’t impossible! The question is, is it worth the time!

Aryan Toha Aquila
Aryan Toha Aquila
Reply to  ijen

that question could be rhetorical. as only we ourselves could answer it.

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