Amanatsu Adolesence [Japanese]



Company:Confiture Soft
Type:Visual Novel / ADV
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At Kazamitou Gakuen, students are free to do as they choose and the light music club which Akira is part of is actually the most ‘free’ rock band! Following the motto of enjoying everything in the world, he partook in the club activities as a bass player with guitarist Ryou and vocalist Natsu. That was until the club was disbanded after setting the auditorium on fire with a flame-throwing guitar.

Akira was put into the science club and remained melancholic even while being comforted by his classmate Amane. However, when he returned home, he was greeted with the sight of a beautiful and naked silver-haired girl. Sasha is a Russian girl who will be staying at his place due to his parents’ arrangements. Together with the former light music club members, Sasha and Amane, he works towards the upcoming Amanatsu Music Fest and the Russian rock festival Вторжение.

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

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11 十一月, 2017 2:39 下午

VNR won’t hook this one properly.

Tan Anh Nguyen Nhu
Tan Anh Nguyen Nhu
12 六月, 2017 8:18 下午

can i ask something?
i downloaded this game and installed it normal. but when i run the game it apearred some errors that i cannot read. i also downloaded in the other webs but the all of them have the same problem. Can anyone fix that? Eroge Download
Reply to  Tan Anh Nguyen Nhu
13 六月, 2017 3:02 上午

upload a screenshot please

Tan Anh Nguyen Nhu
Tan Anh Nguyen Nhu
Reply to Eroge Download
14 六月, 2017 8:13 上午

comment image

here u go

Tan Anh Nguyen Nhu
Tan Anh Nguyen Nhu
Reply to Eroge Download
14 六月, 2017 9:20 下午

cool :D thanks you so much

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