4th Succubus in a Bar [3D-Animation][Japanese]

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酒場のサキュバスさん4人目 メガネで陰キャのサキュバスさん、がんばる!

Japanese | 1.78GB | 31/03/2022

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In a back alley of an unknown city.
A newcomer has joined the old tavern where succubus work as waiters.
A shy, reclusive, brown-skinned, glasses-wearing succubus.
This is a full voice and animation software that struggles with such and such service.

Various state changes Semen covered mode & Lewd mode
When certain conditions are met, your whole body will be covered with semen and juice.
The “semen-soaked mode” is triggered, and the animation plunges into a slimy state.
In addition, the four basic H-scenes are accompanied by a “wet state” animation, in which the girls are in a state of unfamiliarity with each other and with each other.
The state changes in lewd mode, where the succubus’ instincts are released, and
The dialogue, facial expressions, and some animations will change!


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