Taimanin Yukikaze 2 [JAP][PC][ADV]

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Company: Black Lilith
Year: 2013/08/30
Classification: +18
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: Yes
Animation: No
Type: Visual Novel
Genre: Glasses, Netorare, Hypnotism, Orgy, Incest, Big Tits
Size: 1081mb
Plataform: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

20XX A.D. Japan is plagued by evil spirits that dwell in the shadows.

The only thing preventing chaos between spirits and humans
is an implicit agreement to “live and let live”, but corrupt organisations
make deals with the demons. Crime syndicates go supernatural.

The nation is in decline, and those who walk the path of goodness
don’t last long in a society of rampant heresy and sin.

Thus, the government empowers certain individuals to fight fire with fire.
Agents may do evil… against evil… in the name of good. Exorcists with a license to kill.
They are called the Taimanin.

  • Luan Cesar

    How I play this game?

    • Onlyhgames

      moun with daemon tools and run setup. do you have unicode in japanese?

  • Rex

    Where is the iso archive ? I’ve discompacted all .rar and don’t see

    • Onlyhgames

      probably not necessary, there are setup.exe?

  • cakenback

    When I try playing the game, It comes up with a blue screen with code and an error box pops up saying “??????? syntax error” anyone know how I fix this?