Mucchi Muchi Inaka Ver1.500 [RPG][English]

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むっち無知 田舎生活

Company:Ota Guchi Field
Type:Visual Novel / ADV
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Yutaka is a girl with tomboyish qualities who was raised
in the laid-back countryside of Japan. During summer vacation
she suddenly developed into a glamorous older girl’s body!

She and another school are on a joint vacation to the next town.
Yutaka’s a free spirit no matter how voluptuous she appears!
Enjoy the travel lodge and meet other students!
Collect omiyage (souvenirs) to take home to the family!

The ending changes depending on the souvenirs you bring home!?
Things are naughtier than ever in Mucchi Muchi School Trip.

  • moe blaster
    • Jasongrace97

      same thing happened to me… guess there is a bug and must wait for them to fix then for this site to upload the update i guess

      • Jasongrace97

        i notice that this happens when we use the grown spurted kid at the onsen and press z or x on the water then it crashes

        • Nakiu Nk

          There are more endings? i only see 2

          • Jasongrace97

            yep only 2 endings i think, one normal and one bad, and then omake at the pool

  • rocketBot

    Dear Admin,
    The Language tag is wrong.

    Great hgame btw.too bad its short.

  • nick0

    The Game which i can download is not Mucchi Muchi School Trip but Mucchi Muchi Inaka.
    Mucchi Muchi Inaka is the first Game and Mucchi Muchi School Trip is the second Game

  • dicloniuslord

    game launches but gives a black screen?

  • JG-05

    Request Sengoku Hime 3 if possible. thank you very much.

  • Jack Furgle

    password? cant open it…