Girls in Big City II “Ninjas and Birds” [ADV][English]

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Girls in Big City II “Ninjas and Birds”

Type:Visual Novel / ADV
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Info: GiBC it’s a breezy/sexy game where you’ll get to “help” a bunch of Heroines warped into a mysterious City (“Big City”) in their endeavors to make it back to their own Universe.
Scheme, corrupt, seduce or… Respect them heroines like any proper gentleman would! How will you play?
Gameplay features/fetishes:
– Corruption;
– Anal/Straight/Lesbo Sex;
– Mind Control;
– Fun Storyline;
– Multiple Endings;
– Items/Inventory;
– Simple and intuitive Interface;
– Parodies of popular characters;
– Clear path to H-Content rewarding players for playing and/or making ingame decisions;
– Kamasutra Theme;
– Tons of expressions and gestures;
– Stats;
– Hidden Mechanics;
– Bonus Cards Systems;
And a LOT more to be added with further updates.

Changelog “Ninjas and Birds” Release:
After countless days and sleepless nights, I can finally announce release for “Girls in Big City – Ninjas & Birds” which has to be considered as “Part II”/”Act II” or whatever follows a first release in your very own book.
In this chapter, you’re gonna meet new characters and you’ll be digging a bit deeper into GiBC storyline.