Girl Knight MILK [RPG][English]

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Protagonist Milk was abruptly made the head of family.
Dejected though she was, she had throw herself into battle…

A variety of mid-battle H attacks, 3 levels of armor breakage,
9 bad endings, 8 cosplay varieties + 2 Type A and 8 Type B bonuses,
equippable items like vibrator, anal beads, more than 80 subquests,
class evolutions and class changes at LV10, LV15, LV20, etc.

The ability to exceed 200% lewdness in the storyline,
which will “lock” the character at high lewdness — and special
exceptions that will plummet lewdness from 200% to 0%
and cause the protagonist to be confused by the drop.

Press and hold the A key to show or hide dialogue.
You can experience H even animation without any intrusions.
There’s also the option to show or hide cross-section views.

The protagonist is a loli type. She can have petite or large breasts.
There is lactation in the anime. There are cases of pregnancy.
Gapeface, birth scenes and incest are depicted. Please be warned.

There is NO scat or strong violence.

After failed battles or bad endings you will restart at the same point.

  • Hoshi Mikazuki

    FIRST!! hehe

    • SaTurN3

      how can you be first if the game was released November 2016 … :D

      I don’t know why but they simply rereleased the same version

      • Hoshi Mikazuki

        I mean, the first to comment on this another epic game from shoku on this web

        I dunno, prolly just marketing management of stuff like that, bro.

  • sparta kus

    the game does not work with google drive !! – “

    • Uploader from

      upload a screenshot pls

  • ArifYuda

    how to solve this problem?
    GAME:XStoryPlayer 3.5.002 [SLG/3D][English]

    • Uploader from

      extract game first

  • sparta kus

    the game does not work no matter which server I take to download it and even on other site it does not work! posible to fix to finally play ??

  • Ramdanganronpa
    • Ramdanganronpa

      this my lasta play. im stuck in 998% lewdness. think i can make 1000% but i don’t know how to fix it. (sorry for my zip grammar).

    • sparta kus

      the game is japanese for me how to put it in english ?? patch?

      • Ramdanganronpa

        the game is english version. u can enjoy playing this game. this game is recomended. and i no seen patch in this game, so download > extract > play > enjoy!

  • Muhamad Fahmi

    where admin . i hope he/she can fix virus that infected the fies part one on mediafire file

  • AceO Blade

    is it possible to somehow keep her lewdness at 0 for the entire game?

  • sparta kus

    Is it possible to have a backup file with all H game scene ??? or a place where to find his?

    • Ramdanganronpa

      this game haven’t CG room or anything about that. but actually u can watch repeatly in MENU. U can see in Menu > H.

  • Nąイsuмe


  • sparta kus

    good evening again me! I played almost 2H but saw no scene H during this time so I wondered! how does one trigger a scene H ?? and where to find the other outfit that we see in image ?? – ”
    I really bad for RPG hentai like her !!

    • Ramdanganronpa

      this my little walkthrough. u can watch a lot of H scene if u finishing the quest. U can find in “NEXT OBJECTION”. some scene taked in “community room” in south from milk mansion. just finish more quest so u can quikly get H scene what u want. other Outfit can u get within her quest. “just finish her quest and u can get more outfit, money, h scene.

      • sparta kus

        OK thank you very much for the tip I will try to see his !! I look for tips on the net but it is rare! ^^ “

  • Ramdanganronpa

    anyone have milk get 1000% lewdness? just wanna ask favor