Baiin Reijou ~Suouin Sakurako no Zaiwai~ [ADV][Japanese]

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売淫令嬢 ~周防院櫻子の罪穢~

Company:Ail [Team Soif]
Type:Visual Novel / ADV
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Suou academy Sakurako who was born as Miss of distinguished family, It is loved by the family, It is loved by the friend, It has suitable grace for being called as Miss and a noble heart, It was a beautiful woman. However, on the boundary of a certain day, It collapses and it will leave in the brilliant future that should have promised fragilely. The economical situation of the parents family deteriorates, It fell into the crisis of the fall. That sort of case, The proposal to do the financing to the parents family in the shield is brought. Thing that comes forth to auction as commodity of that is Member organization high-level club… Sakurako in case of the purpose is to save beloved father, The that proposal is drunk.

that body of pure innocence, It is dedicated to the crowd of a man where money and the lust whirl, The chastity is dispersed ahead of the people looking around. However as a result, compensation pregnancy that has been caused. For the concealment of the fact, It is assumed a further, Obscene prison and the depraving, Sakurako Hentai preference houses desires being infringed provisions next to thoroughly. And the change visits her. Awaking of lewdness blood of stream to that is ―― the inside of the body