Amayui Castle Meister [ADV/RPG][English/Chinese]


English / 中文 | 5.14GB | 2017-05-26

“Magesmiths” are wizards that specialize in labyrinth construction and restoration. Avaro, one of them, sought to one day run his own workshop. To realize this dream, he accepted a job in Influse Kingdom of investigating some ruins. Unfortunately, he got caught in a cave-in and ended up lost. As he wandered, he came across a girl, sleeping inside a magic stone, Fia.

After waking up, Fia told him that she has no memory of herself; however, she knows that she is unmistakably a Goddess. Continuing, she tells Avaro that she could, if she wanted to, move the entirety of the ruins with her Godly powers, and she points out that she has to, no matter what, make it to the closed-off holy ground of the Kingdom. The “Mist Corridor of the Sacred Sound.”

Fia, who has said nothing but what could only be nonsense so far, invites Avaro to join her on her journey, saying that he can use these ruins as his workshop however he likes if he does. Although doubtful, Avaro accepts her conditions and becomes the apostle of the self-proclaimed Goddess, and while using the moving ruins as his atelier, they head north.

Before long, rumors of the ‘Gualacuna Fortress’ are spread across the country, and while fighting anyone who comes after the fortress, thinking that it has valuables or is a threat, Avaro searches for the truth related to the Goddess’ memories.

Along with the Goddess of Marriage, “The Story That Weaves Bonds” marks the beginning…

迷宮の建設や修復、築城などを得意とする “鍛梁師(たんりょうし)” の アヴァロ は、

その夢を叶えるため、資金稼ぎの一環として旅先の インフルース王国 にて遺跡調査の仕事を受けるが、


そして迷い込んだ先で、魔石の中で眠っている女の子・フィア と出会った。

目を覚ました フィア は、自身の記憶はないが神様であることは間違いないと語る。

王国の聖地 “神響の霞廊(しんきょうのさんろ)” へ行かなければならないという目的を示す。

信じられないことばかりを話す フィア は、遺跡を工房として好きに扱って構わないから


いぶかしみつつも条件を飲んだ アヴァロ は、自称女神の使徒となり、移動可能な遺跡を工房として盛り立てながら北上する。

やがて “グアラクーナ城砦” の噂は国内に知れ渡り、価値あるもの・危険なものとして付け狙う者と戦いながら、


縁結びの女神と共に “絆を紡ぐ物語” が、始まりを告げる……。

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