You have been banished [RPG][English]



English MTL | 917mb | 29/04/2022

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The “Kingdom of Markt” has become the world’s largest magical nation through the development of witchcraft and alchemy.
Licia” is a genius girl who became the youngest alchemist in the history of the kingdom.
However, she did not follow the instructions and discipline of the kingdom.
She spent her days doing unrestrained research and experiments selfishly.
However, when she created an aphrodisiac called “Eclipse,” which can make even monkeys come into heat,
she was forced to leave the kingdom.
Licia was finally “banished” from the kingdom.

From a “genius alchemist” to an “outcast” who has had everything confiscated…!
Lysia, who had lost everything, was quietly working on her research in an abandoned house in a remote mountainous area,
while burning the desire to revive her life…
But one day, she finds out that she is wanted for a crime she did not commit…!
No friends! No equipment! No spells, no special skills!
And he can’t even defeat a single slime!
The evil hand of the Alchemy Society is closing in on this helpless girl!
I, who was said to be a genius…….why did this happen to me…….”
The story of the suffering and determination of “Licia the Outcast” begins…!

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