Yamiyo to Hoshi no Meidokan ~Punyupuri XX~ [JAP][PC][ADV]

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Company: TinkleBell
Year: 2006/04/29
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: Yes
Animation:  Yes
Type: Visual Novel / ADV, Kinetic Novel, 3DCG
Genre: Yuri, Loli, Rape, Orgy, Horror, Futanari, Maid, Drama, Mystery
Size: 1515.mb
Plataform: Windows: XP/Vista/7


This is the story of Kristina, a girl who lost everything and was hired as a maid in a cursed mansion.

It is a world where time repeats itself, wandering endlessly through eternity. Memories are caked in rust and worn to shreds. Scared of that she is losing, her existence is nothing but twisted thrift. Her body is used solely for their purposes… Wettened and used as a vessel to reconnect with time.

Fallen into despair from being constantly raped… Another girl has lost her way.
Bound by her sad fate, Olivia [The Child Servant] watches eternity begin to tremble again as love blossoms in her heart.

The clouds that cover the night sky are sadness.
That which is reflected in opened eyes is freedom.

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Damian Garcia
Damian Garcia
7 August, 2015 11:04 pm

Gracias Erogamer, muy bueno

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