XStoryPlayer 3.5.002 [SLG/3D][English]

Password: www.onlyhgames.com


Company:X Moon Productions
Year:2015 – 2017
Type:Simulation / 3D
Mega Mediafire Mega BACKUP Mediafire BACKUP

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The most unusual and innovative for today sex simulator with realistic physics, a little story with a plot and four girls, which will have to seduce first, before you have sex with them. In the game world, you will move to the first-person view and interact according to the laws of physics with various objects (chocolate, pizza, magazines, computer, TV, camera …), of which abound, and of course women’s bodies. The hottest erotic game of the year with the plot, realistic physics and a chat to communicate with the girls …

One of the elements that sets our software apart from other game engines is the fact that physics is always enabled on: characters, fluids, cloth, soft bodies etc. We do not use animations in the traditional sense, you can always interact with a girls body during the game (if she allows it of course).
When a girl is won over there’s no restrictions in what you can do. If you want to open her legs more, just do so. If you want to come on her face, just make it happen. Peek inside bikinis, open shirts, pull down dresses its all possible.
We do however recommend restricting yourself because our characters do have feelings and may resist if being handled too roughly…

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I got the same Trace.txt problem but I found the fix for it. Just run as admin, problem solved. It’s annoying but it works. I’m curious why it would need admin access but I’m too busy these days to look into why. Honestly I don’t even think it’s that great, the models and animations and interaction are all amazing but the scenes require a bit of work and 1 hand play at least, sometimes 2 to do anything, doesn’t feel intuitive to fapping. I’d prefer to setup what I like and not need to touch my keyboard/mouse with my hands again until I’m done but I suppose that’s what classic porn is for. When you setup a blowjob I think it’s weird the chick will occasionally gag on your dick which is nice but she’ll pull back and wait for you to move your character forward to re-insert it into her mouth.


Why?comment image

Jay Swiatek (XtremeGamerGod)
Jay Swiatek (XtremeGamerGod)

It won’t create a trace.txt any ideas on how to fix it?

onlyhgames.com Eroge Download

I do not know what that is, could you take a screenshot?

Adair Oswaldo Bernal Cortez
Adair Oswaldo Bernal Cortez

comment image heres the error i got it too :(

onlyhgames.com Eroge Download

Try to add exceptions to the game in the antivirus and reinstalling comes cracked so it can give problems

Jay Swiatek (XtremeGamerGod)
Jay Swiatek (XtremeGamerGod)

whats the password to the zip file


it wont create a trace.txt any ideas? thanks

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