The Wind’s Disciple – New Version 1.2 (Full Game)[ADV][English]

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The Wind’s Disciple – New Version 1.2 (Full Game)

Company:PiXel Games
Type:Visual Novel / ADV
Mega Mediafire

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It narrates the story of Janna, the support champion of the famous game League of Legends, but in a erotic and perverse way.
Janna will begin her journey in the streets of the lustful Zaun, a city that she know nothing about because she has been isolated in an orphanage since her early years of life.
Her past is a mystery and the only thing Janna know for sure is that she has some strange powers. However, this doesn’t seem to activate the character of the innocent girl… You will need to help her become the legend we all know she can be.

Changelog v1.2:
– New scene: Complete the minigame at the tavern (serve five out of five clients correctly) and let Janna stay after hours with Katarina to satisfy some customers… (*** UNLOCK AFTER FINISHING THE GAME ***)
– New scene: Visit the City Hall and Sue will tell Janna that she received a mysterious letter for her. (*** UNLOCK AFTER FINISHING THE GAME ***)
– New scene: Let Janna work as a prostitute to see a new request from Anton, her favorite client.
– Re-created the scene from the beginning of the game, of Janna ‘voyeuring’ Ron and Rox.
– Improved some of the status menu.
– Now you can see a tip on how to level up Warwick’s relationship to the max level.