Uwaki Biyori -Datte Kareshi to Suru yori Kimochi Iin da Mon- [ADV][Japanese]

Password: www.onlyhgames.com

浮気日和 ―だって彼氏とするより気持ちいいんだもん―

Company: Atelier Sakura
Year: 2017-07-28
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: Yes
Animation: No
Type: Visual Novel / ADV
Size: 1080.MB
Plataform: Windows
Password: www.onlyhgames.com
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6 August, 2017 4:00

This Atelier Sakura Team.NTR should rename the NTR included in its name *NeToRare*. “Netori” is also a sub-genre of NTR, why never creating one?…Ah yeah I almost forgot, the best NTR is the one that can hurt the most, in other words, the pussier the MC is, the uglier the bastard is, the easier the girl is…the better it is………aye…right…at least be faithfull to your name…or wait *faithfull* is actually taboo in NTR, sorry didn’t mean to say it.

John Smith
John Smith
Reply to  AnimeGamer
16 August, 2017 12:02

“the easier the girl is…the better it is”
I don’t agree corruption of character is also important element of NTR.
Don’t get me wrong i enjoy NTR type A, slutty heroines are great but nothing can replace corruption of cute/dear/cool heroine. NTR type B usually also have best plot and of course heroines.

Reply to  John Smith
19 August, 2017 3:17

My comment was actually meant as a sarcasm against the usual cheapy NTR. Though I do agree with you, I especially enjoy the SLOW corruption of Heroine, particularly from some games like “Lilitales”, “Princess Sacrifice”, “Itazura War”, etc…

Reply to  AnimeGamer
6 August, 2017 6:41

nice too see u dude.. try the game from Msize… i very like it… my fav tag: NTR masochist femdom sadistic scat… i little extreme for fetish LOL.. this game is little disappointed me.. ntr with female protagonist poin view.. and the boyfriend didn’t know the bitch do behind his back

Reply to  sanny
19 August, 2017 3:05

Omg I hate Scat (or any Watersports), alongside Yaoi and Eroguro (+ some Extreme Ryona), though I do love all the rest like Incest (siblings, parents, cousins, etc…), Futanari, Bestality, Monster, Tentacles, etc…

About this game, well it’s a crossover between all the main bastards of almost all the NeToRare they created x this even super super easy heroine beach other here, and y’know when it comes to CROSSOVER, 90% of the time it FAILS in term of story and consistency, no matter what it is, ANIME, FILM or CARTOON.

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