Tsuma no Haha ~Gouman Onna Shachou to Doukyo no Hibi~ [ADV][Japanese]

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Japanese | 452mb | 2022-01-22

十七代目当主『本宮 絹恵』は女性でありながらも、

冷徹でやり手の女社長絹恵の一人娘『本宮 麻希』と結婚し、
本宮家に婿入りした『本宮 護』が絹恵から『ある事』を宣告された事により、

The Motomiya family is said to be one of the most distinguised families in the area. The 17th head of the family, Motomiya Kinue, although a woman, she’s also the president of the Motomiya family’s parent company, which is one of the largest corporate groups in the area.

The story begins when Motomiya Mamoru, who married Motomiya Maki, the only daughter of the cold-hearted and manipulative president Kinue and became the son-in-law of the Motomiya family, was sentenced by Kinue because of “something”.

Which will lead towards the fall of the prideful female president from a prominent family…

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