Tonari no Heya de Ore no Kanojo wa Chichioya ni Dakareru ~ Usukabe Ichimai Mukou de, Zecchou Ikigoe o Agete Iku Koibito [ADV][Japanese]

隣の部屋で俺の彼女は父親に抱かれる ~薄壁一枚向こうで、絶頂イキ声をあげていく恋人~

Japanese | 1001mb | 2021-11-26

Aoi and Aya were attending the same university and were living together.
Their relationship is going well, and they even start to talk about getting married after graduating from university.

Then one day, the apartment they were living in catches fire.
When they are wondering where to live after the accident, a rescue hand comes from Aoi’s father, Kouhei.

He suggests that the two of them live together at his house temporarily.
Aoi was hesitant, as he distrusted his father a little, but eventually accepted the proposal and started living at the home with Aya.

Perhaps because of their matching personalities, Aya and Kouhei become close as if they were a real parent and child, maintaining a suitable distance.
Aoi is relieved by this and lets out a sigh of relief.

But behind him………..

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