Three stories with three daughters Remake Ver 1.16[RPG][Japanese]

三人娘と三つの話 リメイク Ver 1.16

Japanese | 823mb | 2021/06/18

In the future, we will make works that partially utilize this world view, so we will reduce the price.

This is a Ver-up version of the previous work “Three Girls and Three Stories”.
Sub-heroines have been added to further strengthen the world view!

There are many new additions, and
it feels more like new software than a remake .

The R-18 event is
a volume that takes more than 10 hours to see everything ! Replace all CG

of some of the parts added below

with new CG!
・ Improve expressiveness and eroticism!
・ There are 15 endings in all!
-Added individual endings with sub heroines!
・ Over 100 events!
・ Over 1400 CG images! (Including standing pictures and system systems)
・ Improved systems such as mischievous mini-games by touching sleeping girls, “such” shooting games for children, and events that change depending on the amount of chips!
-Adding a guild will add from pocket money earning to multiple sub-events, and the achievement method will change depending on the route!
-Use frame animation to improve the sense of presence!
-The battle that was only directed is replaced with BF (Battle Fuck), and battles of 8 types of monster girls and boss characters are also added!
・ In BF battles, the behavior differs depending on the hero, from the hero who rapes to the hero who talks about the opponent, and even the hero who begs for life!
-If you use the new item “Muramland”, you can have love love sex with monster girls without forcing!
-Added collectors to buy underwear, items, and love juice for monster girls!
・ You can see and sell the pictures you can take after having fun with the monster girls!
・ Addition of unique bandits will increase the volume of events and stories!

These additions are part!

If you are interested in the system and event contents,
you can understand what kind of atmosphere the work has by playing the trial version !
By the way, you can experience 9 kinds of H events!

If you are curious about what the story is, please play the free version!
You can play the full version of “Three Girls and Three Stories” before the remake, but you can
still enjoy it enough!

We look forward to your continued support of the circle “Shoulder Hikiko”.











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