The Elven Swordswoman and the Den of Lewd Monsters [Action][English]


English | 72mb | 28/05/2021

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Eleven swordswoman Emilia enters a dun of lewd beasts on her journey to save her friends.
Of course, the lewd beasts will have something to say (and do) about that.
An exhilarating side-scrolling action game!

– H assault scenes: 16 enemies including bosses, with 1-2 H scenes for each (25 total)
– 6 stages & 18 areas
– View the H Gallery for defeated enemies
– Gamepad / Keyboard compatible (Gallery, etc. can be controlled with the mouse)
– Instant on-the-spot revival! The game can be beaten even by action game novices!

CV: Tiger Lily / Ryou Suzuki

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14 April, 2022 3:26 am

재미있다 ♡
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