The angel’s deed [RPG][English]

The angel's deed

English | 393mb | 2021-12-25

Meryl is a Sister of a small village.
Meryl, who adores an angel, believed that she could be an angel by accumulating good deed, and, therefore,
she continues to do good deeds in the village.
Being too honest, however, Meryl is deceived by villagers and molested all the time.
Having become too tired of such situation, Meryl dies in the church.
Then, several angels landed on, and take Meryl to the heaven.
By this incidence, Meryl becomes an angel she was always wishing to be.

Even in the heaven, she is required to continue to do good deeds.
No matter how often she is deceived, she continues to accumulate good deeds.

If you do not accumulate good deeds, you will be dropped into hell, and becomes a fallen angel.
For the rest of her life, she is destined to be molested by monsters.​

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