Succubus Nightmare -Eternity- [3DCG][English]

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* Overview

“Succubus Nightmare” in video format!

Presenting versatile H situations with characters from the previous work “Succubus Nightmare 2”!

The entire series is presented in a worldview where you get
pleasuring attacks from succubi and squeezed in the dream world.

The story takes place in the common worldview but
this can be enjoyed without having played previous games.

H scenes are delivered in a huge volume much more than predating works,
[180 scenes (90 movements + 90 cumming)]! Also, some new characters
not appearing so far are involved in this story! A must-see for fans of the series!


* Improvements

This time also, we put customers’ voices in the development of this game
as many as we can! As a result, this game comes with the following improvements:
– heightened definition in animations
– more places of H added
– new characters added
– more H scenes for each character
– now animation speed can be adjusted
– now playable only with a mouse (playable on Windows tablet devices)
– omitted unwanted frames and choices for more immersing H scenes

* H scenes

All H scenes are displayed in smooth 3D animations + full-voice.
180 animations and H scenes (90 H scenes + 90 cumming scenes).

H situations are for example:
threesome, fellatio, titjob, footjob, sixty-nine, cowgirl sex, sitting sex etc.

H scene animations won’t stop in the middle. Animations move eternally.

You can cum at any time. If you put first priority on “practical usability”, it would work nicely.

* Others
Although this game is created based on the same worldview of the previous work,
this can be enjoyed as a standalone product or even more so as a sequel.

This game possesses quite a wide range of H scenes.
We are certain that those who want to enjoy many H scenes
in a single game should be satisfied by this game.

Especially recommended for masochism oriented situation lovers.