Spirit Squeezing Devil’s 5 Day Long Orgasm Denial Game ~If You Make a Mistake on the Last Day, I’ll Really End You~ [RPG][English]

Password: www.onlyhgames.com

English | 1.44GB | 2022-03-20

You’re a hero who has made a contract with a cute succubus named Ria. You give her your cum, and she gives you her power. However, even as a “spirited” hero. you seem unable to handle her milking skills. At the same time, a hero named Bob also appears, ready to form a contract with your precious Ria. This awkward triangle can only be solved with a match! A match to see who can last through 5 days of hardcore edging. The winner of the match gets the right to make a contract with Ria! The loser… well, a cruel fate awaits them…​

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4 enero, 2023 1:11

so it was her from Nebel Gesterjager? But i like it more the story from Nebel. Not only that, the graphic, the uniform, the Rank System( but somehow this still not enough for RANK A i still hope it can reach SSS or SS then you can see how deep/big her size both V/A like fist fuck size). The H-Scene a bit hard to find it. I don’t know why probably the bug won’t let me but luckily you can watch all those scene after you finish the games. I really hope this author continue the games from nebel character but i still preferred her and mc got married and have a daughter( who’s daddy? Dun know ) and that’s where the next story and of course old character like Lawrence or those who have fucked her will meet again with the new villain in the next games and they will join either fuck Kana or her daughter they have it all. Overall Kana have been fuck by whole man in those city and somehow she regain her control herself and of course the MC don’t know all about this( Can’t let MC know or all the excited thing gone just like that ). Also add some drug also good and add some change on her look/appearance when she reach Rank A like she wear normal cloth but somehow those cloth looks great, sexy or hot on her (everyone thought: She look same but also different. I like her current Avatar not small also not over size. Sometime big/huge doesn’t mean will look good on her. You need to consider her boob shape, body and etc. But, Kana in her Maid dress or Date dress? Damn, that hella sexy. I wanna see her groped by someone or several while walking in the city or kiss or bj or quick fk thou she resist but the more she helpless. If her Rank A she will resist but let those people do anything to her body but if she reach Rank S or SS….also 1200 yield too small for me. even thou you can reduce that using the fairy but if it reduce too much also reduce her Rank so it is a no and too small for 1200.

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