Dungeon of Erotic Master [RPG][English]

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Dungeon of Erotic Master【英語版】

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This is a pseudo-3D dungeon RPG with animations.
The gameplay is like that of Wi*ardry + H systems
Auto-mapping function is employed and a small map is always
displayed for those who are not good at this type of games.

Can also be played comfortably with a gamepad.
* Key config is disabled in the trial version.

This is the third product of rusimarudou’s game development section.

Three swordsmen in a certain country were they are said to be next leaders of the corps.
For their looseness, however, they made a huge amount of debt in a handsome guys’ guild.

While they are at their wit’s end, a debt collector, Manjis, comes with a deal to offer them.

He would like them to find the remains of his grandfather who went into a dungeon
and did not return. He says he has employed mercenaries a number of times but they
only told him that his grandfather went down to a much deeper level.

The dungeon is known as the hardest to conquer because of a number of robust monsters…

Go deep into a dungeon with 22 levels to find the missing King of Explorers!

The command “Provocation” that everybody can use is effective against monsters with
levels lower than the party level. When it takes effect, the monsters will go away leaving some money.

Save their HP as much as possible with the provocation command
and defeat an “Area Boss” to go deeper!

* Defeat Violation Mode
When the last standing party member receives a monster’s r*pe attack,
the scene turns into a defeat violation. All party members’ HP become 1
and their exploration restarts from there.

* About Game Setting
The initial sound volume is set small.
Please adjust BGM/SE volume on the game setting menu.
* This time, the game is not voiced.

* About the trial version
Press the space key to skip an event.
– Button setting is disabled in the trial version.
– When you choose “infinite” for looping playback, H animations loop until you press the confirm key.
– There is an item that cannot be used in the trial version.
– Launching the game may take a while.
– The save data cannot be transferred from the trial version to the retail version.

* About illustrations
Some free materials are used for some witchcraft symbols and UIs with permissions from the creators.

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